Sip Paint Smile Mobile BYOB Painting Parties

Sip Paint Smile Mobile BYOB Painting Parties in South Florida!


Sip Paint Smile Mobile BYOB Painting Parties in South Florida!

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Wine and Canvas Parties 

Sip Paint Smile is a BYOB, sip and paint style party service. We are a mobile BYOB Art Party service provider and we are located in the Wonderful Sunny South Florida. SIP PAINT SMILE MOBILE PAINTING PARTIES Wine and Canvas Parties. Sip Paint Smile offers a unique way of partying were "YOU" get to become the Master Creative Painter you always knew you were. We paint party, with canvas and glass artworks. With Sip Paint Smile, this is not your normal art class, with Sip Paint Smile everyone is an artist and we work hand in hand with our consultants to make sure they know how help you create you truly unique artworks. First of we don't sketch or pre draw EVER! Secondly yes you can paint! And last but not least you can do it and have FUN!


All ages have come to us from 3 to 100 and they all create their own masterpieces. When we party it is a judgment free zone, we understand not everyone has used their creative side in a long time but no experience no worries. As a result we do a few things to make your painting experience with us smooth and awesome, we don't display the original selected artworks during our parties, so our artist can paint with no expectations other than their own. Furthermore we do not pre-sketch or template or canvas, so our clients can visualize the canvas as their own. Our Customers should not focus on the painting and the parting alone, it's really all about the memories we are creating with our friends and families.
So grab your favorite Wine and Canvas, Get your friends together because its pARTy time! 

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Book your own BYOB wine and canvas party with Sip Paint Smile!

Sip Paint Smile Mobile BYOB Painting Parties in South Florida!

Let us host your next sip and paint/ wine and canvas event, all you need is your favorite beverages, good company, fun, music and our skilled exciting instructors leading the way. It's an art party celebration! or call today 954-601-3777 or 954-317-9766.  It's p"ART"y time.

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Same Day Bookings

Military Friendly

All ages welcome

Groups from 5 and up


Gift cards available

Sip Paint Smile will be collecting donations for Haiti relif.
Current Promotion: Get 2 FREE tickets to share when you book your event Today!
All you need is at least 6 artist, pick canvas or glass and dont forget it's BYOB! Deposit paid in full and minimum of 5 paying tickets required.
Kids are welcome to our Kids & Teens parties are so much fun.
Donations for Haiti are still needed, hygenic items are important. call 954-317-9766