Our Story

Sip Paint Smile is not your normal sip and paint studio, and it’s not because they are simply THE BEST. They have a story at the heart of the company… LIRIC by some GABBY too most!!!

A mom first and an entrepreneur second Liric is no doubt the reason we all come to Sip Paint Smile.  She has the most bubbly and loving spirit, that is always ready with a smile. She is the type of person who still answers the phone and shows up just to say hi.  Just ask her regulars or anyone you see.


" Where do I start! Gabby was wonderful! We had a sisters night tonight and we sipped and painted away to some good music. Wonderful atmosphere and an even better instructor. We will definitely be back!"

Everyone loves the home like vibe that can turn up like no house party could, but there is more to her story. 

Gabriel is a mom above all else but has a lot of sad stories to share about her childhood. “We all have these stories i just choose to use my story as fuel” wrote Gabriel. 

We love art here at the studio and we love that we have created a place where others can celebrate life and love, happiness and growth. I don’t just have a studio we have a home for anyone to fellowship in creativity.