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Sip Paint Smile
Mobile Creative Painting Parties! 

Host your own art party up to 35 friends or family any reason to celebrate is OK with us.


We cater to all your party needs, Birthdays, Girls/Guys night, Baby showers, Bachelorette parties, kids parties and more.

All you need is at least 6 guest, pick your artwork, canvas or glassware, and bring you favourite snacks and beverages and let our professional artist walk your party through creating their very own individual creations. Sip Paint Smile BYOB Art Paries are all the fun.

  • A minimum of 5 paying guest per private party. Maximum is dependent on size of host location.
  • Deposit is required for all private parties and corporate events and is non-refundable
  • Host or guest of honor always paints free.
  • We provide all things considered to paint, aprons, canvas, glassware, brushes, easels, paint, water cups, palette plates.
  • We are a mobile company and we are happy to bring the party right to you. We also host our own events called V.I.P Parties on weekends at our location, as well we open our location on the weekends for private events, if you do not have a location for your party. We can host up to 4 separate private parties at a time, at or weekend location.
  • Parties held at our weekend location: all parties are B.Y.O.B, food and snacks, delivery or catering is ok.
  • We can accept all forms of media players for your music needs.
  • Arrival time it’s always is 15-30 min before time.
  • If tickets are purchased and the artist does not show or no calls they will not receive a refund. If you purchase your ticket and can not attend you must call to cancel at least 24 hours before the date booked/reserved to receive a credit. If the ticket is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance the ticket will not be refunded.
  • Please recognize that it is the Law that you have to be 21 and up to consume alcoholic beverages and take full responsibility when hosting a party at an off site studio or any off site locations (host home). WE DO NOT SELL, SERVE, STORE OR PROVIDE ANY ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES.


Our Deposit is non-refundable. To cover the cost of travel, materials, and setup. All materials are purchased 1 week in advance of your date. Any booking cancellation request for any event, should be cancelled at least 3 business days prior to event to relieve a partial credit of $75.00. All bookings cancelled past the 3 business days will not receive any refund of deposit. www.sippaintsmile.com

Same Day Parties

Unlike our competitors we do offer same day bookings, if you find your self in need of a reservation for a same day party, please call us directly at 954-601-3777 or 754-234-7781. Deposit is due at time of reservation and is non refundable. Please be aware that for same day parties, if your minimum of 5 paying artist have not pre paid at least 4 hours before your event you may be subject to cancellation with no returns.


Sip Paint Smile reserves the right to cancel any event, booking or party reservation with or without cause as per our terms and conditions for a full refund at any time. As well we; i.e. S.P.S reserve the right to not accept or decline services with or without reason. But would do so will ample notification. We hope that everyone has an awesome experience with Sip Paint Smile and will do our up most to resolve any situation or concern directly. If you would like to contact us about an issue please email ADMIN.


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Owner and CEO

A mom first and an entrepreneur second.

I have a skill, a wonderful talent its art, but I have a passion and its people. I own Sip Paint Smile Inc, Paint N Smile LLC, and soon Paint for the heART Foundation. Through these companies I get the opportunity to inspire women, young adults, teenagers and young girls to see their own purpose and power. I strive to be the beacon that they can look to for motivation. My story has worth and with it I am trying to uplift any one I can. The connections I get to make are without a doubt the reason I started this business, I wanted to be involved and to motivate others to find their inner excellence. Im driven by their smiles.


Gabriel is a passionate and inspiring individual, who exemplifies #worthy. She runs her small yet big business with the mission to uplift other women around her. “I want them to feel like I do when I look at my life, proud, honored, uplifted, strong, bold and fierce. 

“I started Sip Paint Smile because I wanted to take my passion and my skill and create a place where I could expand and inspire”

She works with women, young adults and teens in her community through motivational speaking, internships and sponsorships. She is expanding her company via franchising and her target market is women wanting to start their own businesses with the support and backing of a passionate and success driven company. She is such a colorful person in side and out and she has been sharing her enthusiasm for life, success, and inner growth with every person she encounters. I think Gabriel is a great nominee for your mission for her strong personality, her super large heart and her passion for wanting success for others.

Donations for Haiti

The devastation to hit Haiti is beyond what words can explain.  The lose of shelter and supplies is great and the death toll is still rising. It’s time for us to give in their hour of need.
Sip Paint Smile is collecting items for the families of Haiti.
What we need:
Cloths and shoes are important but we also need more hygienic items like soap, toothbrushes, tooth paste, wipes. Baby items like bottles, pampers and dry food, canned goods etc. The plane is leaving Friday the 22nd we are collecting items until then. 

We can not accept money at this time,
unless to purchase items as donations.


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