Sip And Paint world

The first thing you notice about attending a sip and paint party is the atmosphere. It’s relaxed fun filled and people looking forward to spending time with friends or family or even mixers were you don’t know anyone. Either  you go to a location that pre-sketches or not you sit in front of a canvas ready for you to create. 

You start your painting with the background. The instructor tells you which brushes which color and which paint styles to use. You may not know what’s going on but you’re in a good mood knowing that someone is guiding you. 

Here at Sip Paint Smile, we do not provide the full Picture in front of the class in order to build the anticipation for our artists to get comfortable creating layer by layer. Despite being guided even at some point everyone gets a little stressed out on whether they’re painting is going in the direction as the instructor is leading them. 

One thing all the instructors no matter where you go does is tell you to “take a sip of your drink and keep going”. Not all the paintings are supposed to look like the original the idea is that is not the original. But the point of these classes is not completely focused on the painting but also on the environment the atmosphere the mood the people you’re with and the memories you’re creating.

We like to add things like “feel free to change up the colors or add as many trees if you want or your tree can be bigger or smaller even add a different thing like add a bird” it doesn’t matter. 
We are so glad to be a part of this industry we try our best to bring a little bit uniqueness and a whole lot more creativity to this much as we can. 

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